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Melanie Langa, 2012

This is Melanie’s third awesome year on the staff of The Communicator Web. When she is not working on the newspaper, Melanie enjoys cooking, being outside and really good high fives.

Shadi Ahmadmehrabi, 2012

Shadi has been playing in Communicator for three years. She also enjoys mock trial, sleeping, and probably wants to be friends with you.

Sarah Kerson, 2012

This is Sarah’s third year on staff. She enjoys copy editing and social media. She only refers to herself in the third person occasionally.

Staff Writers

Ella Bourland, 2014

Ella, sometimes referred to as Hellabel, is a sophomore at Community High and has been a writer for The Communicator going on two years. She is on the Skyline Crew team, enjoys baking and loves to travel.

Marianne Cowherd, 2015

This is Marianne’s first year on staff. She likes math and languages.

Sari Greifer, 2014

Sari is a sophomore at Community High School.  She is starting her second year writing for the Communicator Web. She enjoys playing soccer and watching Modern Family.

Cal Kirchen, 2013

This is Cal’s first year on Communicator. He enjoys muffins and long walks on the beach.

Molly Kraus-Steinmetz, 2013

Molly is a junior at CHS, but this is her first year on Communicator Web staff. She proudly self-identifies as a questioning feminist socialist radical, and also likes correcting other people’s grammar, especially in cases involving comma splices and dangling prepositions.

Aaron London, 2012

Aaron is a senior at Community High School. He joined the staff second semester of his junior year. He likes to write columns for the Student Life section and focus on local high school students. He works at Ann Arbor Bivouac and takes flying lessons.

Gwyn Moreland, 2013

Gwyn is a junior, and this is her first year on Communicator. She enjoys math, drawing, and listening to weird indie folk bands. She’s also the one responsible for those awful editorial cartoons.

Anna Rashke, 2015

This is Anna’s first great year on Communicator. She loves to bake, cook, and travel.

Fernando Rojo, 2014

This is Fernando’s second year on staff. He plays varsity soccer for Pioneer High School. He enjoys watching sports, Family Guy, and listening to music. He likes to write about music and sports, and hopes to play soccer in college.

Eva Hattie Schueler, 2013

Eva Hattie is a junior at Community High who resists the system and writes the first part of her name in all caps. She enjoys eating Pad Thai from Siam Cuisine, and could happily spend the rest of her life writing snarky blog posts for Tumblr. In her free-time (or when she isn’t working on articles for the Communicator), she can be heard making Inception jokes.

Emma Sowder, 2015

This is Emma’s first year in the Communicator. She loves playing field hockey and soccer.

Maggie Sowder, 2014

Maggie Sowder is a sophomore at Community High.  She loves to write about fashion, and loves to take pictures like Bill Cunningham (from the NY Times).  She enjoys being a referee for Kindergarten soccer games and wants to move to New York City.

Kate Summers, 2013

This is Kate Summers’ first year on staff. She’s a lover of grammar and semi-colons. In her free time Kate enjoys long walks on the beach and Skyping with South Africa. Her dream is to become Shadi Ahmadmehrabi’s best friend. Summers’ favorite season is spring.

Sofie Sylvester, 2014

Sofie is a sophomore at Community High School. This is her first year on Communicator Web. She is very involved in dance and enjoys spending time with her friends. She can often be found with a coffee or pastry in hand.

Gabrielle Vuylsteke, 2013

Gabrielle just joined the Communicator. In her free time she acts in school plays, watches random movies and reads a lot of novels.

Michelle Wander, 2013

This is Michelle’s second year on staff. She has been doing club gymnastics for 13 years and started coaching a few years ago. She enjoys writing articles about the U of M gymnastics meets, and hopes to be on the team some day.

Annabel Weiner, 2013

Annabel, also known as Hellabel, has been on The Communicator staff for three years. She takes dance classes for fun and hopes to live in a big, exciting city.

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A student voice.