A student voice.

The Communicator

2016-2017 Staff

Tracy Anderson


Tracy has been advising The Communicator for 17 years, and she is grateful for all of the good people she has met through this publication.  Students amaze her again and again with their reporting, writing and design.  If she ha...

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Joel Appel-Kraut

Web Editor-In-Chief

Joel loves playing, listening to and writing about music. In his spare time he plays drums, as well as various amateur sports at a very amateur level. Next year he hopes that at least one college will want him to attend, and th...

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Kate Burns

Web Editor-In-Chief

Kate Burns is a third-year Communicator student who spends the majority of her time being engrossed by athletics. She believes chocolate milk is not only the best recovery drink, but the best breakfast, party and night time drink.  A...

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Alexandra Hobrecht

Print Editor-In-Chief

Alexandra is somehow a senior this year. Much to the concern of her friends, she likes having unread messages in her email inbox (7,484 so far). She enjoys pretending she is in a lifelong music video and impresses people with...

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Josh Krauth-Harding

Print Editor-In-Chief

Josh enjoys being a stereotypical perspective art-school kid and caring more about his cats than his own well being. He strongly dislikes the word moist but is okay with it if it’s used in context. However, he believes that the w...

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Isabel Ratner

Print Editor-In-Chief

Isabel can most often be found in the Craft Theater up to many shenanigans. She is extremely passionate about Mac&Cheese, musical theater and dance parties. She believes that daily cuddles with dogs are a necessity and she dr...

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Hannah Rubenstein

Print Editor-In-Chief

Hannah enjoys writing, arguing and freaking people out with her surprisingly long tongue. She does not subscribe to the government-propagated myth that sleep is necessary for the continuation of human existence. The most forma...

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Megan Syer

Print Editor-In-Chief

Megan is a junior at Community High School and this is her third year on staff for The Communicator. Her hobbies include photography, graphic design, singing, and theater. She loves musicals, especially “Hamilton," "Into the Woods,"...

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Francisco Fiori

Managing Editor

Francisco is a sophomore and is thrilled to be back to work on Communicator! He enjoys watching The Mindy Project, making others laugh and performing. Going to Journalism is always the highlight of his day, besides going to be...

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Gina Liu

Managing Editor

Gina loves running Young Democrats Club, but her mile time is only 9 minutes and 6 seconds. She uses the phrase “Angry Asian Girl” to describe herself whenever she is educating her fellow peers and pals. Gina loves eating jel...

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Maggie Mihaylova

Managing Editor

Maggie likes to go by Mags or Magdalena, but only by those real tight friends like her mom. She loves to travel, especially to her home country of Bulgaria (except for that one time she was detained). Ella también le gusta el idiom...

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Grace Jensen

Photo Editor

Grace has an odd love for palm trees which makes it especially unfortunate that she lives in Michigan. She did not know how to spell her middle name (Margaret) for the majority of her lifetime. She spends way too much time at...

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Mary DeBona

Social Media Editor

Mary is a junior and this is her second year on the staff of The Communicator. Coincidentally, most of the sports that she does involve water: swimming, water polo, skiing, kayaking and even glacier climbing. She loves restaurants...

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Claire Middleton


Claire enjoys taking long naps on the couch, watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and eating her favorite food, chocolate chip pancakes! She normally eats them every other day. She occasionally indulges in a late night snack ...

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Sophia Rosewarne


Sophia enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, snowboarding and playing tennis. This is her second year on staff. Her favorite food is popcorn and she likes the beach and snow a lot.

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Bella Yerkes


Bella enjoys watching Law and Order SVU, playing lacrosse, being with friends, leaving the gym and her shark pencil case. She loves gluten free food, and loves to talk about being gluten free. She loves dogs but is afraid of the...

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Emily Tschirhart

Fun Editor

Emily gets home everyday and lays down on the floor so her dog Stella can lick her face. San Francisco and New Orleans are her favorite cities and Wes Anderson is her favorite director. Emily practices feminism, atheism and her daily...

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Caitlin Mahoney

Arts & Graphics Editor

Caitlin still thinks Harambe memes are really funny. She is happiest at the barn with her horse, Pete, or watching Parks and Rec. Her other interests include pretending she doesn’t like the Kardashians (she really does), listening to...

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Shane Hoffmann

Sports Editor

Shane is a junior and this is his second year on staff. His favorite pastime is watching or playing sports, especially basketball. He also enjoys working with young kids, which is one of the main things he does at the YMCA wher...

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Mira Simonton-Chao

Web Content & Business Editor

Mira is a passionate random photo taker who spends the majority of her time complaining about how she once again, is out of storage. She religiously watches iCarly season one every year and is ecstatic that Netflix this year added he...

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Taylor Baughman


Taylor is a senior and this is his first year as a staff member. He loves working on cars, engines and really any mechanically related projects. Some of his projects include putting a V8 motor from a Ford Mustang into a Volvo 240...

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Elena Bernier


Elena enjoys spending time with her friends and playing soccer. She has a twin brother and two dogs. She loves skiing, The Lunchroom, Lake Michigan and almond butter toast.  She likes swimming in Lake Michigan because there ...

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Viv Brandt


Viv is a twin who hates the word "lasagna." She plays varsity lacrosse at Skyline, sleeps at least 8 hours every night and loves to travel and try new food. She tries to floss everyday, but often forgets. Her dentist yells at h...

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Sam Ciesielski


Sam has mixed emotions about Twitter drama. He spends much of his free time listening to music and playing baseball. He likes to think he is going somewhere, and hopes to study engineering and/or communications on the west coas...

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Nicole Coveyou


Nicole takes pride in her involvement in Community Ensemble Theater, the club Feminist Voice for Action and her eyebrows. She enjoys spending time in her love-hate relationship with her dog Pippa who only bites her every other ...

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Ally Einhaus


Ally loves to take videos of her dog and show them to people. She has red hair but she’s not an official ginger. She rows for Pioneer Rowing Club and performs in Future Stars in the winter. Her favorite food is parsley, but s...

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Nicole Diaz-Pezua

Nicole Diaz-Pezua

Nicole is a Hispanic (not Mexican) llama fanatic that can’t roll her “r’s” and loves to sing and perform but usually doesn’t because she’s too shy. Music is her favorite thing in the world, along with pizza, potatoes ...

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Anna Dinov


Anna Dinov is a sophomore on Communicator. She has a little sister and a pet fish. She loves to dance, sleep, and spend time with friends. She also loves bagels, but not cream cheese.

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Jenni Krzeczkowski


Jenni enjoys listening to country music with friends, going to Lake Michigan and Torch Lake. Her favorite foods are burgers and wings. She is also a competitive swimmer and enjoys playing beach volleyball. She has two dogs th...

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Isabel Espinosa


Isabel is a sophomore and this is her first year on Communicator staff. She spends most of her time either singing, playing guitar and ukulele or playing field hockey. Isabel also wishes that she was able to speak Polish so tha...

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Oliver Fuchs


Oliver is an avid tennis player who plays varsity at Pioneer. For this sophomore, 2016 is his first year on the Communicator staff. Oliver loves listening to and playing music of all kinds (almost all kinds, there’s some weird...

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Abbie Gaies


Abbie spends all of her time at school or at gymnastics practice. She wishes she knew how to speak Bulgarian fluently so she could understand her Bulgarian gymnastics coaches and their children when they’re speaking in Bulg...

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Madie Gracey


Madie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She wants to learn sign-language and continue to eat chocolate covered cherries from Sparrow Market. Her dad is part Russian and owns a non-stuffed, dead fox that he likes to place...

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Allison Garcia-Hernandez


Allison is Mexican unlike Nicole. She likes going on walks because it’s very calming and enjoys seeing things from high-up places even though she’s afraid of heights. She has a bad obsession with cats and sometimes she cries...

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Maddie Jelic


Maddie spends her free time singing, and playing cello. She also enjoys playing Field Hockey, and Softball for Huron High School. But her all-time favorite pastime activity is drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Cheese Quesadillas w...

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Ethan Kahana


Ethan Kahana really enjoys listening to and playing music, especially in the classical and jazz genres. He plays saxophone, clarinet, and flute, and is always trying to get one more person to listen to jazz. In addition to playing...

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Zoe Lubetkin


Zoe’s life goal is to speak as many languages as possible and is presently focusing on Spanish, with her next target language being French. She is into rock climbing because it allows her to get higher than everyone else and d...

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Kailyn McGuire


Kailyn enjoys art and playing the double bass. Her favorite thing to do is go to her barn and be with her horse Hotwings. She spends way too much time watching the TV show Supernatural and loves being with her friends. Her rol...

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Ava Millman


Ava enjoys forcing her dog to love her while he struggles to get away. She spends most of her time at an ice rink, on a field or in a hot tub. She plays field hockey, varsity ice hockey and lacrosse at Pioneer. She has an out of c...

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Sam Millman


Sam is a senior and this is his third year on staff. He is captain of the Pioneer hockey team and enjoys the sport very much. Sam loves to ski with his family in Park City Utah over all of the school breaks and it's a long time fav...

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Jackie Mortell


Jackie Mortell is a sophomore at Community. This is her first year on the Communicator. She loves playing varsity field hockey and lacrosse at Huron High School. She also enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, friends a...

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Kasey Neff


Kasey is a junior. She has awful grammar and trouble concentrating. Her spelling skills could also use a lot of work. She is wondering why she’s in the communicator, but she loves it (it’s a conflict). Kasey loves sweet po...

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Henry Schirmer


Henry is still not exactly sure why he is taking Latin, However, he will probably continue to take it for the next three years. He is a sophomore and is beginning his first, and hopefully not last year on the Communicator staff....

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Jake Sorscher


Jake Sorscher, the youngest of four, enjoys eating day old pastries from Sweetwaters, although minimally satiating. He is happiest when spending time with his siblings and close friends. He enjoys running cross country, and robo...

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Andie Tappenden


Some of Andie's favorite things to do are play field hockey and travel. One of these she does almost everyday, the other more rarely. Andie is a borderline coffee snob, but she rarely drinks it because she’s afraid of being...

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Cammi Tirico


Cammi is an adamant lover of sports, photography, large sweatshirts and her stuffed animal Dog-Dog. Yes, he is a dog, and yes, she knows her name for him is creative. This is Cammi’s first year on staff. In her spare time, Ca...

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Nicole Tooley


Nicole enjoys dancing, sleeping, traveling and eating. However, she does not like baked potatoes, mashed potatoes or french fries. This is her first year on staff and she also enjoys spending time with friends and family. ...

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Eleni Tsadis


One word to describe Eleni is coffeeholic. She’s happiest when she’s dancing, and she loves being involved in many performances; she has very long thick curly hair that takes forever to put into a ballet bun. She also enj...

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Sacha Verlon


Sacha is a Teriyaki Time enthusiast who is serving his first year on the Communicator staff. He loves to stay up late at night and search for music to listen to on his phone at the expense of his sleep schedule. He has far more...

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Ethan Ziolek


Ethan is a junior. He basically wear two outfits the whole school year. Jeans, black, khaki, or blue colored with a hoodie, or he wear adidas jogging pants and a basic shirt. People used to autocorrect his name to ziplock. ...

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A student voice.