Kyle Radant


I’ve had a very positive experience at Community. I came in not really having people from my middle school the same year, like one or two people. I joined CET immediately and I made a lot of friends through that. My brothers do theater, and my dad worked at a professional theater, so I just decided to follow in their footsteps and I knew it would be a good way to meet people. It was really nice to have someone to talk to pretty much all of the time, that person being Brice O’Neal. Just having someone with a backbone to stand up for you was really nice. It has made me take on some roles of responsibility that I at first didn’t necessarily see myself in, but eventually I became student tech director and I got a board position, so it pushed me to seek some responsibility. There’s a lot of ups and downs, but right now we’re on an up, so I’d say it’s going pretty well. I’ll be going to college whether it’s Washtenaw Community College or Eastern Michigan University. Really, I just want to have a positive impact on the world wherever I end up; that’s what I care about more than anything else. I want to make music. I want to probably go to Eastern Michigan University and purchase some equipment for making music properly and delve into that as deeply as I can.”

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