Living Memories

Danny Galloway : An Average Twentieth Century Life

Sean Kiel-Locey

Danny Galloway wanted to start earning money at the age of eight. Galloway, born in 1925, was surrounded by the Great Depression. The times were tough for everybody and jobs were hard to find, but that didn’t stop Galloway from going out and getting one. “The greatest thing I’ve learned in that...  Read More »

Collete Kenville backstage.

Core to Corps

From the dance core to the Marine Corps, Collete Kenville hung up her pointe shoes for combat boots all because she was too short. Raised during the golden age of the 1950's and 60's in Flint, Michigan,...  Read More »

Bronwen Gates sits in her house on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Bronwen Gates

On a rainy day in Lancaster, England, a young Bronwen Gates sat waiting for her turn to read aloud two paragraphs of David Copperfield. The other girls were not good readers, yet she dare not jump ahead...  Read More »


Ms. Mary Dolan – An Independent Woman

Mary Radich once dreamed of being Mrs. Mary Dolan, but once she became a full time stay-at-home-mother of five children, her perspective on what it means to be an independent woman was never the same again. In...  Read More »

papa z 72

Life on the Border

Ron Zuniga grew up on the border between Arizona and Mexico, in a city called Nogales. “My mom used to send us across the border to buy corn tortillas because they were much better there,” said Ron...  Read More »


American Guy

American Guy

Ava Sherick

James Mutaka ran away from home. He was 22 years old. He was running from poverty. He was running from Africa, searching for the land of opportunity. Mutaka was born in Jinja, Uganda and later moved to...  Read More »

October 7, 2014

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