Living Memories

Bronwen Gates

Alexandra Hobrecht

On a rainy day in Lancaster, England, a young Bronwen Gates sat waiting for her turn to read aloud two paragraphs of David Copperfield. The other girls were not good readers, yet she dare not jump ahead for the fear of being caught. It was ultimate boredom, the dullest of the dull; for it was the outside of the classroom that Gates cared about. It was her sense of adventure and a handsome young...  Read More »


Ms. Mary Dolan – An Independent Woman

Mary Radich once dreamed of being Mrs. Mary Dolan, but once she became a full time stay-at-home-mother of five children, her perspective on what it means to be an independent woman was never the same again. In...  Read More »

papa z 72

Life on the Border

Ron Zuniga grew up on the border between Arizona and Mexico, in a city called Nogales. “My mom used to send us across the border to buy corn tortillas because they were much better there,” said Ron...  Read More »


Changing Education

After years of searching for a purpose, Deb Clancy decided to make the educational system better one school at a time. Clancy, an Ann Arbor resident for 24 years, works at Wayne Regional Educational...  Read More »

Your caption should answer the questions who? what? where? when? why?

Keith Taylor

A sixth grade boy’s world was turned upside down when he moved from western Canada to the United States. His voice was strange, his spelling was different and his classmates never failed to cruelly...  Read More »


Searching for Success with Sweetwaters’ Discount Cards

Searching for Success with Sweetwaters’ Discount Cards

Natalie Bullock

The owners of Sweetwaters, Dave Auer and Chris Hutton, have been looking for another way to benefit Sweetwaters and Community High students, other than just selling exquisite coffee and tea. Now, they...  Read More »

October 17, 2014

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